In 2001, Magafor teamed with Hassay Savage Company, a renowned broach manufacturer located in Western Massachusetts since 1969. Both companies now provide the finest tooling through established industry channels. Industrial distributors, with the support of our nationwide technical agents and stocking locations, provide consummate service to manufacturers throughout the United States.

Here’s the complete listing of all the Magafor tools.
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Contact Magafor directly, your local Magafor Distributor, or the local Reps, Reid Swanson and they’ll get one coming. The sample tool is free of charge. All Magafor requires is that you give us some basic information about you and your company.

Are you experiencing a high rate of tip breakage on the Centering Drills you presently use? The Magafor Centering Drills are ground to a tighter tolerance between the body and center tip of the tool, thereby yielding longer life, better centering and a higher level of finish, all for the same price you’re probably paying right now. Try one and see for yourself.