CrazyDrill is synonymous with maximum drill performance. CrazyDrill has been specially developed for the high-volume production of precision parts (e.g. on transfer systems). Different versions in the diameter range 
0.1 to 6.0 mm (.004″ – .24″), up to 40xd depth capability, are available from stock, and special sizes can be supplied on request.

See the complete line of CrazyDrills, at the MIKRON website. There are links to videos for the specific products, or go to MIKRON’s, MIKRON Tube site for all the videos on YouTube.


See the CrazyMill Cool in action right here and to browse the CrazyMill Cool catalog click here.

Be sure to see the solid carbide CrazyDrill Flex…micro drilling with flexibility for demanding deep hole drilling applications.

NS Tools Co. is imported and marketed in the USA by MIKRON Tool. Inventory is held at their facility in Monroe, CT. NS Tools makes some of the highest performance end mills and drills that are available in the world today. Some of their product offerings are:

  • Micro end mills – Starting at .01mm, with guaranteed +/- 2 micron flute diameter
  • CBN coated end mills – Starting at .03mm diameter
  • Long Neck solid carbide for milling deep ribs
  • Ball end mills
  • Taper ball end mills
  • Taper radius end mills
  • Square end mills
  • Taper end mills
  • Radius end mills
  • Inner Radius Cutter
  • Micro drills starting at .01mm diameter
  • Special end mills for Copper, Aluminum and Plastic

NS Tools recently introduced a phenomenal new Variable Flute, Variable Tooth Spaced end mill named the MSXH440R. Click on the video clip below to see it in action doing a slotting cut in a Hip Joint made from 6AL4V Titanium. You won’t believe how quiet cutting it is at the deep axial depth it’s running.

Here is another video of the same end mill working on a turbine blade profile in Inconel 718 material. Here, again, very quiet cutting.

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