Mitee-Bite Products is the innovator of compact, low profile edge clamps geared towards improving productions and providing solutions for difficult workholding application. We pride ourselves in producing a product that allows customers to improve their processes by simple means. We’re here to assist with the design and development of new procedures to help reduce idle spindle time and wasted man-hours. Increase your efficiency and output and let’s get even more competitive in the global marketplace.

To assist you Engineers out there, you can get all of the Mitee-Bite products as CAD Files for use during your fixture design. Just go to the Mitee-Bite website, click onCAD Files and choose the product you want the file of. Then in the listing of the various size parts you’ll see the word CAD highlighted in yellow. Click on that and then follow the instructions. During your first visit, it’ll ask you to register to obtain access to the CAD files.

Reid Swanson and Gerry Braasch have Demo cases containing all of the Mitee-Bite Products that we’d be happy to bring by and explain how each one works.

We also have Demo units of both the VM100 & VM300 VACMAGIC pallet units. Just give us a call and schedule an appointment with either one of us.

Mitee-Bite Products Expands our Customer Service Offering

Mitee-Bite Products is pleased to announce the expansion of our levels of customer service. We will continue to assist with design and clamping recommendation as well as scheduling on-site visits through our National Sales Team at no cost. Our new offerings include simple conceptual CAD layouts to top-level CAD designs prepared to import into CAM software. If interested in Turn-Key solutions our engineers will work with skilled fixture builders in your area or time permitting build in-house to your satisfaction.

The recommendation above delivered to top Nascar Team machining valve covers from solid billets. Low-cost design streamlining machining without vibration or witness marks. Quick-Change Pallet Kit incorporated using our Loc-Downs & Diamond/Taper pins providing customer with “receiver” for future applications. Maximize cutter engagement and reduce idle spindle time by changing parts off-line while machine is making chips. 1st OP gripping low on .100” saving on material cost…all of these engineering concepts are carefully integrated to optimize your particular machining center.

Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-543-3580 to discuss your application. We look forward to working with you on your next workholding project.